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SeAMK staff can pay the annual fee for the parking garage in one or two instalments. However, the parking spaces are always reserved for one academic year at a time (Sep 1 – Aug 31). The due date for payment is Oct 15, when paying in one instalment, and Oct 15 (95e) and Mar 15 (95e), when paying in two instalments.

There is a limited number of parking spaces in the parking garage, and new spaces can only be applied from caretaker Arvo Ylinen (Frami A, ground floor). If there are free spaces, you can make the payment in the web store, and afterwards collect the parking cards from Arvo.

If you want to give up your parking space, return both parking cards to Arvo.

The payment will not be returned, even if the parking cards are returned before the end of the season.

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