Hygiene Passport test 31.1.2023

20,00 40,00 

Place: Frami A520.6
Time: 31.1.2023 at 10 AM
Price: 40,00 € (SeAMK students 20,00 €)
Test retake 20,00 €

Registration time: 23.1.2023 – 30.1.2023


Preparation before the test

You can find out more information about the Hygiene Passport test, model series and other material on the Finnish Food Authority's website.

Test occasion

Test time is 45 min. You may leave the test occasion at earliest 20 minutes after start. Approval of the test is gained with the minimum score of 34/40 points.

You need:

  • a ballpoint pen (not black) or another similar pen,
  • ID card with picture. It will checked at the end of the test
  • SeAMK students: a valid student card

After the test

After the test, you will receive a notification of acceptance / rejection of the test by SMS. The Hygiene Passport – a paper certificate and a card – will be sent by mail to those passing the test. The delivery is within 2-3 weeks from the test occasion.

Cancellation policy

Registration can be canceled by informing the contact person before the end of the registration period. The payment will be returned to the customer within two weeks (14 days) according to the bank wiring information given to the contact person upon cancellation. In cancellations made after the end of registration time, the payment will only be returned in a case of force majeure (a doctor's certificate, or equivalent, must be presented).

Contact person
Merja Kyntäjä


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